Friday, May 29, 2009

NSMXpress: reset root password

Procedure for resetting the admin password in NSMXpress

In order to reset the password, please use the following procedure:
Connect a console device to the console port of the NSMXPress appliance.
Physically power off the NSMXpress appliance.
Power the NSMXpress appliance back on.
During the boot sequence the console will display an option to "press any key to enter the menu". Hit any key. When the boot sequence is interrupted, a menu will display on the console. Choose "Rescue".

When the rescue process starts, it will ask about configuring the network connections. Choose "No".

A message will display indicating that the system is trying to find your Linux installation. Choose "Continue".

A message will display indicating that your system has been mounted under /mnt/sysimage. Press "Return".

Enter the command: vi /mnt/sysimage/etc/shadow

Find the line that starts with "admin:" The value between the first and second " : " is the password.

In the example below, the password is $1$MaGuoSOG$iEA4IiLSP26eM2e99LJiZ/

Using vi commands, remove the existing password value (i.e. $1$MaGuoSOG$iEA4IiLSP26eM2e99LJiZ/ ) with the following value.

This is the password value for "netscreen":


Using vi commands, save the file and exit.

At the command prompt, enter exit

The system will reboot and the admin password will be changed to netscreen

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