Friday, August 24, 2012

VMWARE: How to transform OVA files to OVF files

There is sometimes when you need to transform virtual images from one format to another ones.

There is a tool from vmware named ovftool, simple no ?

you can do with it:

ova2ovf : ova to ovf transformation

ovf2vmx: ovf to vmx transformation

And many many more !

Where to find the tool ?

The documentation:

The tool itself:

Just a tiny Example:

i just downloaded an ova image file, and i want to publish it to vsphere.

The tool can let you push directly from ova to vsphere, but here i'll stay soft, simple. i will only transform from one format to another.

Just install the package, and add the installation path to your system path, or inside your console:

set PATH="C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool";%PATH%

Then just do it:

ovftool --lax file.ova newfile.ovf

The --lax option is relevant only for OVA-OVF sources files, and here is the doc:

Relax OVF specification conformance and virtual
hardware compliance checks. (For advanced
users only.)

It is a really needed option, because OVA files can have unsupported hardware saved insides (ie: xen, virtualbox...)

Using Converter:

With vmware converter you may want to convert your ova file in a vmx format, which can be a source for the tool.

ovftool --lax file.ova newfile.vmx

And then use converter.

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