Friday, March 8, 2013

How to reset forgotten Restrictions password without iPhone restore

How to reset forgotten Restrictions password without iPhone restore
 *** Jailbreak Mandatory ***

So i put a passcode on restriction and as so many people i forgot it !

I search all over the and i found so many pages telling the official way,
a nigthmare, telling us to restore the iphone as a new phone !!

The result of this is that you have an empty iphone so you will have to confiure everything.

No, unsastisfying, i had to found an other solution.

Here it is. Of course, as usualy, when you want to do something against the apple way,
you have to jailbreak your iphone. So do it if it is not already done.

Then open cydia and install the iFile apps and the SBSettings.

Open iFile and browse to this directory:


Then scrolldown until you find the file:

click on it and then select 'Property Reader'

Scrolldown again and find the property named:


Don't Panic if you didn't find it, as it seems to be the case on newer version of IOS.

Just create it using the + button.

Create it as:

SBParentalControlsPIN type=string

validate and then enter in it, now put a 4 digit number.

I highly suggest to write 0000 !
Now leave the iFile app and open the SBSettings, from the springboard,
swipe the top of the screen from left to right.

Then click on respring icon, to reload the SpringBoard.

To validate our process, go to
Settings > General > Restriction
and tap the 4 digits code you've just writen.

It should have worked.

And That's all Folks !
Note: if you go inside the properties after reloading the spingboard, you can see, with recent ios, that the SBParentalControlsPIN property disapeared.