Friday, March 1, 2013

iPhone: ios 6.1.2 : Issue with call manager: call history too long

so i updated my iphone ( one 3gs and one 4s ), so everytihng in the update goes fine.
But then i encounter one strange comportment, strange issue, when i ran the call manager.
So 80% of time, when i launch call manager, it takes 10 to 15s to show up with call log, call history.
And it is even more with the 3gs. Worse, manytimes the call manager crashes, and i'm stuck, not completly because taking the contact app allowed me to call my people.
I tried to delete all the history of calls, i guess i had 1000 of log calls, but it didn't worked.
Then i found this web page:
Thanks to Avi Alkalay !!
So i connected my ifunbox ( ), it is a tool to browse the files on your iphone, and copied localy the file:
Then i opened it up with sqlite3 shell  ( ), and i dumped the db in a sql text file.
open a cmd console, then:
cd your_local_dir
sqlite3 call_history.db
sqlite> .output call2.sql
sqlite> .dump
sqlite> .quit
Open the file call2.sql and  cleaned it up:
- deleted call log ( 7500 call !!! ),
- reseted counters,
- reseted sequences,
- removed sql command (those for the system table ie: sqlite_sequence, wich not need to be created
Here i put a copy of the finalized file :
You just have to modify the UID with yours !
Then you have to create a new db file:
cd your_local_dir
move call_history.db call_history_old.db
sqlite3 call_history.db
sqlite> .read call_history.sql
sqlite> .quit
So you have a new db file !
Here is a copy (be aware of the uid) :
Just sync it with your iphone and open call manager: in less than a sec, with no more crashes !!!
At least for me.
Best Regards.

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